Condolence Request

The Civilian Welfare Council establishes an annual fund to send condolence flowers when an associate has a death in their immediate family (includes spouses, children and parents ONLY). If the associate would prefer something sent to them personally, in lieu of the funeral home or church, we can provide them with a small arrangement sent to their home. In lieu of flowers, the family may request that a $25 donation be made to the charitable or religious organization of the family’s choosing in honor of or in memory of the deceased. In the event of an associate’s death, a donation can be made or flowers can be sent to their immediate family. This policy applies to current military and federal employees assigned to the DSCC installation including those DLA Land and Maritime employees currently working at detached government facilities.

Due to technical difficulties, the standard condolence request form is unavailable.


Please email MWR Administrative and include the following in your email:
*Name of Associate

*Name of Deceased

*Relationship of Associate to Deceased

* (for flower arrangement) Name, Address and Phone Number of Funeral Home, and time/date of the viewing.

* (for planter) Name, Address and Phone Number of Associate

* (for donation) Name, Address and Phone Number of Donation Recipient