Volunteer Opportunities

The CDC has an “Open Door” policy, thus parents may come and visit at any time during operating hours.  Research shows parents who are actively involved in the care and education of their child(ren) have a direct, positive impact on their child’s educational success.  We’re committed to maintaining a strong partnership with our parents and your participation is always welcome!The CDC offers a variety of ways in which parents can become involved.  If you don’t find anything on the list that interests you, see a member of management or your child’s teacher for additional suggestions.

  • Read a book to your child’s class or record books on tape.
  • Volunteer in the classroom.  Note: please speak with the CDC Director about ways you may be involved in the classroom occasionally or on a regular basis.  There are training requirements for this type of participation.
  • Help create a display or bulletin board.
  • Make home-made games for the children to use during rest time when they aren’t feeling sleepy.
  • Attend parent education activities.
  • Assist during special events such as the Fun Fest, Annual Picnic, or Gingerbread House Walk.
  • Accompany your child’s class on a nature walk or visit to the installation’s fire station.
  • Share your occupation, hobby, or special talent with a group of children.
  • Join your child for lunch or snack and learn about “Family Style” dining in the center setting.
  • Help us with program improvements by completing an Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS) or Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) in a classroom.  Training is available.
  • Become a part of the Parent Involvement Forum (PIF), a group that meets monthly with the CDC Director and Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSC) to discuss center updates, staffing changes, special events, etc.  If you would like to receive the minutes form the meetings and updates on what the PIF is doing, or details on how to become a part of this important group, please let us know.