Vendors at DSCC

Enjoy fun shopping experiences in the convenience of your workplace, brought to you by AAFES!  All vendors will be located near cafeterias from 9am – 3pm, unless otherwise noted.

See the schedule below for vendors near you:

Date(s) Vendor Location More Info 
Apr 5 Norwex Bldg 20/Cafe 20
Apr 6 Trades of Hope Bldg 21/Cafe 21
Apr 11 Marla Priebe Bldg 20/Cafe 20
Apr 13 Norwex Bldg 21/Cafe 21
Apr 20 Trades of Hope Bldg 20/Cafe 20
Apr 25 LuLaRoe Bldg 20/Cafe 20
Apr 25 Jewelry Is Fun Bldg 21/Cafe 21
Apr 26 LuLaRoe Bldg 21/Cafe 21
Apr 27 Norwex Bldg 20/Cafe 20