Are you struggling to fit in exercise on your telework days?
Are you in need of an afternoon energy boost?
Do you prefer to workout independently,
either at the Fitness Center or at home?

Workout on your own time with
MWR Tele-Workouts!

Our team of Fitness Trainers post independent workout routines to keep you moving everyday, even on your telework days…and check out our MWR Video Tele-Workouts.  Just hit play and one of our Fitness Center Trainers will take you through a full cardio and strength workout from start to finish!

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VIDEO Teleworkout: Wake Up and GO! Workout

Yoga (JPG) 

Full Body Circuit (PDF)

20 Minute Routine (PDF)

MWR Video: Circuit Workout

 Lunch-Break Workout (PDF)

MWR Video: Boot Camp Workout

MWR VIDEO: Tabata Workout (Part 1)
Tabata Workout (Part 2)

The 10 Workout (JPG)

Toning Triceps for Tank Top Season (PDF)

‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ Workout (PDF)

15 Arm Workout (PDF)

Sculpt a Better Backside (PDF)

Foam Roller Exercises (PDF)

MWR BONUS VIDEO: 54321 Workout

Pushup Challenge & 54321 Workout (PDF)

Lower Body Stretch & Strengthen Exercises (PDF) 

Work Your Abs without Crunches (PDF) 

30 Day Squat Challenge (PDF) 

Turkish Get Up Workout (PDF)

Side Sizzlers Workout (JPG) 

Bathing Suit Ready Workout (PDF)

All About the Glutes Workout (PDF)

Ballet Barre Home Workout (PDF)

Sneaky Core Workout (PDF)

no government endorsement intended