Located in Building 11, Section 8
Introducing a new experience in food service! The MicroMarket offers fresh sandwiches, salads, frozen treats, assorted cold beverages, snacks and pastry items. Stop in and experience the fast, convenient, 24-hour food service of the future!

Frequently Asked Questions: Micro Market

    • When is the MicroMarket Open?
      24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • How do I pay for purchases?
      In order to purchase from the MicroMarket, simply:

      1. Stop by the MicroMarket and grab a “Market Card” from the Kiosk.
      2. Choose “Create New Account” from the Kiosk screen and follow the prompts.
      3. Load funds on your new “Market Card” with cash or credit/debit card.
      4. Scan your items and use your “Market Card” to pay for purchases at the Kiosk.
    • What can I use to load funds on my “Market Card?”
      You can use any credit card. All Debit Cards except MasterCard Debit Cards can be used. You can use cash to load funds but you can not get change back.
    • What do I do if an item doesn’t have a bar code?
      From the Kiosk, select “Item Look-up,” then “No Bar Code,” then select your item from the list.
    • How is the MicroMarket “Honor System” enforced?
      The MicroMarket is strictly enforced with security monitors.

Brought to you by the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI), bringing quality vending and food service to locations across the DSCC Installation.