DSCC’s Installation Management Division recycles in an effort to reduce the amount of trash our installation sends to landfills each year.

We Recycle  

We Can’t Recycle

Aluminum Cans Batteries
Plastic Bottles/Caps Household Trash
White Office Paper Carbon Paper
Newspapers & Inserts Styrofoam Packaging
Magazines Glass
Phone Books Fluorescent Bulbs
Manila File Folders Rubber
Cardboard Boxes Aerosol Cans
Wood Pallets Treated Lumber

The Recycling Program also cannot accept hazardous waste (anything that is flammable, combustible, corrosive or toxic), universal waste (batteries, pesticides, equipment containing mercury), RCRA containers or material containing lead/PCB/refrigerants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much material does the Installation Management Division’s Recycling Program recycle in a typical year?
In 2012, the following was recycled:

  • 101 tons of cardboard
  • 180 tons of white ledger paper
  • 22 tons of newspaper and magazines
  • 6 tons of PET plastic containers
  • 71 tons of wooden pallets

How often are the recycle bins emptied?
On average, bins are checked or changed in the break pods in Building 11, 20, 21 every 3 days depending on usage patterns. The green bags that we use are made from recycled material as well, and are recycled again after use.

Where to recycling proceeds go?
The proceeds generated from material sales benefit our Warfighters and their families, as well as the civilian staff on base.

Do staples need to be removed when recycling white paper?
You do not have to pull the staples out of any paper being put into the blue bins in the service elevators or gray tubs in the office locations.