Wellness Council

The Wellness Council was established to promote visibility, recognition, and understanding of Wellness programs for the DLA Land and Maritime community and to foster increased awareness and management of local wellness issues.

Wellness is much more than simply the absence of sickness.  It is optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being, a preventative way of living that reduces — sometimes even eliminates — the need for remedies.  Wellness emphasizes personal responsibility for making the lifestyle choices and self-care decisions that will improve the quality of your life.

The DLA Land and Maritime Wellness Council meets every third month on the second Wednesday at 10am in Bldg 20 Room B328N.  Please join us or email us.

Wellness Council Calendar

Wellness Council Brochure

DSCC Memorial Wall: The purpose of the Memorial Wall is to recognize and honor those employees who have recently passed away.  The Memorial Wall is located in Bldg 20, Pod B elevator vestibule.  Visit the DSCC Memorial Wall website to learn more.